Dumbo Film Review

With the Easter school holidays fast approaching, many of us grandparents will be taking up childminding duties whilst parents are at work; and so for many of us, our thoughts are turning to what activities we can engage the children in to keep them entertained, and keep our sanity intact.

A popular activity for the whole family is a visit to the movies, and as always in the school holidays, there is about to be an influx of family and kids films at your local cinema.

One movie to watch out for is Disneys’ remake of the old favourite Dumbo. The story has been reworked and is now a live-action film that centres around two children Milly and Joe who live with the circus with their father Holt who has just returned from the war.

With no prospects, Holt is enlisted to care for the circus elephants, one of whom is about to give birth. Of course, we all remember, the baby is born with oversized ears and is the laughing stock of the circus until the children discover by accident that the baby elephant can fly. Word gets around, and the elephant attracts the attention of an entrepreneur who makes the circus owner an offer he can’t refuse to bring his troupe and the elephant to his larger than life entertainment complex “Dreamland”. Things don’t, of course, go to plan, the circus owner is duped, the troupe are sent packing and the elephant is exploited, having to perform with an aerial artist Collette. The story comes to a climax when the circus troupe along with the help of Holt, his children and Collette conspire to reunite Dumbo with his mother and help them escape back to their homeland.

Danny Devito as circus owner Max Medici and Michael Keaton as entrepreneur V.A.Vandevere both play over the top characters, whilst Colin Farrell as the children’s father is rather subdued.

The storyline, although changed, will still be familiar to those of us who have seen the original film, and, if your grandchildren are anything like mine, by the end of the movie they will be cheering Dumbo along in his bid for freedom.

Dumbo is showing at all cinemas from 28th March

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