Military Wives, Movie Review

When my daughter was courting her husband he was a member of the armed forces, during their courtship he served two terms in Afghanistan. Although we were not that close back then, I still remember the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when he came to say goodbye, and my daughter spent many a stressful time waiting for news or contact, to know he was OK.

The movie Military Wives, tells the story of a group of women left behind on the military base whilst their partners are serving in Afghanistan. The women, from different walks of life and backgrounds, have to find a way of getting through each day, all the time waiting for news of their loved ones whilst being the stoic wife and mother expected of them.

Each woman, of course, has her own personal story and struggles, from Kate (Kristen Scott Thomas) the Colonels wife who sees her position as a reflection of her husband’s career and very much keeps the stiff upper lip whilst secretly drowning under the grief of losing her son to the very same war that her husband is fighting.

Lisa (Sharon Horgan) has been thrust into the position of coordinator for the wives by her husband’s promotion, but her casual ways do not sit well with Kate; as most of the socialising the women do revolves around alcohol.

Looking for a way to bring the group together and give them some focus, a choir is suggested.

Kate and Lisa both have their own ideas on the kind of choir they are forming, the style of music they should sing and how they should rehearse; and the power struggle between the two provides some amusing moments.

The group of women manage to grow from a band of misfits with all of their foibles, to a sisterhood who manage to put aside their personal differences, and work alongside each other to create a true choir that is invited to sing at the annual Remembrance Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Inspired by the true story os the original Military Wives Choir, the film will have you in tears as the women band together to support each other through some of life’s lowest moments, and yet make you smile at their ability to see beyond the obvious hardships and make the most of their predicament.

Military Wives is showing in cinemas from March 12.

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Outside of work I enjoy music, reading, or watching a good movie, especially with a platter and glass of wine as accompaniment. I really enjoy outdoor concerts or musical theatre.
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