Ballet for Seniors

Ballet Classes for Seniors

When most people think of ballet, they imagine young girls in pink leotards and tights, practising their pirouettes and arabesques. But what about adults? Contrary to popular belief, ballet is not just for children.

There’s no need to give up your love of ballet simply because you’ve reached a certain age. The graceful art of ballet is not just for the young and nimble. Seniors can reap many benefits from participating in ballet classes, too. In fact, many ballet companies now offer special classes designed specifically for seniors. These classes typically involve simpler dance moves and slower tempos, so that everyone can keep up. What’s more, they’re a great way to stay active, improve your balance and coordination, and meet new friends.

ballet for seniors

Is Ballet Good for Seniors?

Ballet is often considered a pursuit for the young and agile. However, many seniors are embracing ballet as a way to improve their health and wellbeing. Ballet helps improve balance, posture, and flexibility, all of which decline with age. In addition, ballet has been shown to improve cognitive function and memory. It also helps to promote a sense of accomplishment and builds self-esteem. For seniors looking for an enjoyable way to stay healthy, ballet is a great option.

There is something special about ballet that makes it an ideal form of exercise for seniors. The movements are simple and the repetitions help to build muscle memory. Ballet also has a spiritual side that can be meaningful to some, making it a great choice for those looking for an activity to keep them active and engaged.


Can You Learn Ballet at 60?

There is no age limit on learning ballet, and many dancers start training in their later years. However, starting at an older age does come with its own set of challenges. For one, it takes longer to build up the muscle strength and flexibility needed for ballet. Additionally, you may need to be more patient when learning new techniques, as your body will not move as quickly as someone younger. But with dedication and a willingness to learn, anyone can become a graceful ballerina – even if they are 60 years old!

ballet classes for seniors


Chair Ballet for Seniors

Chair ballet is a form of exercise that is perfect for seniors. It is gentle and low impact, making it easy on the joints. Chair ballet also helps improve balance and coordination. In addition, it is a great way to get moving and stay active!


What is Barre and is it Good for Seniors?

Barre is a workout that uses ballet and Pilates-inspired moves to help you sculpt long, lean muscles. The combination of strength and flexibility exercises works your entire body from your head to your toes. The classes are challenging but doable for someone of any age or fitness level.

Barre classes have become a popular way for people to stay fit, especially seniors. The low-impact exercises are said to be good for improving balance, flexibility and a better sense of posture. Additionally, barre classes can help reduce stress and promote a sense of community.

barre for seniors


What to Wear to a Ballet Class for Seniors?

When you’re choosing what to wear to your ballet class, you be may be relieved to hear you don’t need to wear a tutu! First of all, you’ll want clothing that’s comfortable and won’t restrict your movement. You’ll also want something that’s not too baggy or too tight – something in between is ideal. As for colors and styles, it’s up to you! Some people prefer to stick with classic black leggings and a tank top, while others like to experiment with different looks. No matter what you choose, make sure it makes you feel confident and comfortable as you dance.

ballet for seniors


Find a Ballet Class for Seniors Near You

If you’re looking for a ballet class tailored specifically for seniors, check out the options near you.

Silver Swans Ballet Classes

Silver Swans is a ballet program specially designed for older learners. It was created by ballerina Darcey Bussell in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Dance. Silver Swan Licensees are trained specially to teach ballet to the over 55s however adults of all ages and abilities are welcome, from complete beginners to experienced dancers. The curriculum includes a variety of techniques and styles, from classical ballet to contemporary dance.

Silver Swans Ballet Classes operate across the world and classes or run in person and even online!

Find a Silver Swan Class near you

Read the Seniorocity review of a Silver Swan Class


Ballet 4 Seniors

Ballet 4 Seniors Classes are for anyone over 60 years of age who wants to maintain a healthier body and brain. Classes run from their dance studio in Nedlands.

Ballet 4 You also run Ballet 4 Alzheimers. In 2016, Perth Ballet dancer Lisa Purchas lost her beloved mother to Alzheimer’s and has since founded the Ballet 4 You programme to help women with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. The unique series of exercises are designed to help participants focus on balance, postural re-alignment, body strengthening and the use of the brain and body in simple cross-lateral sequences.

To find out more visit the Ballet 4 Seniors Facebook page or the Ballet 4 You website


WA Ballet

The WA Ballet run classes specially designed for seniors every Tuesday morning at 10am. Catering for all levels and abilities, the classes are taught by the West Australian Ballet Company’s dancers and esteemed professional Teaching Artists.

To find out more visit


WA Stage School

WA Stage School, located in Booragoon and Malaga, offer a Ballet Beats program designed for participants over the age of 50. The structured class incorporates gentle stretching and exquisite ballet moves for all to enjoy. They also run classes in Tap and Jazz.

To find out more visit


In conclusion, ballet is a great way for seniors to improve their health and well-being. Ballet helps improve balance, posture, and flexibility, all of which decline with age. I urge all seniors to give ballet a try – you may be surprised by how much you enjoy it!


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