Where to Stock Up on The Best Coffee Beans in Perth

best coffee beans in perth

Since COVID-19 came along, coffee routines all around the world have changed. With more people staying home, coffee is being made from home more than ever before. In fact, you very likely have some form of brewing equipment at home to make some ridiculously good coffee.

Whether you have a plunger, Moka pot, Aeropress, or a real espresso machine, you can grab some of the best coffee beans in Perth from the coffee roasters below and enjoy some smooth coffee! After all, a really good cup of coffee is much better than normal instant coffee that you can get from Coles or Woolworths.

Luckily, Perth is home to many quality coffee roasters who work hard to create and sell excellent quality beans both in-store and online to keep the people of Perth caffeinated. Here are some of the top coffee roasters that you absolutely have to check out! Let’s go!



Coffee Roasters in Perth

Blacklist Coffee Roasters

Did you know that Blacklist is one of Perth’s most well-known coffee roasters? In fact, this awesome coffee roaster has been inning coffee awards since back in 2015! There are plenty of blends and single origins to buy online, as well as subscriptions and bundles if you don’t really have a clue where to start.

If you keep an eye on their social media, you will notice that they often offer free shipping codes. Blacklist is also proud to stock and sell Nespresso-compatible pods, a coffee meat rub, and a huge range of filter equipment. It is so easy to see why Blacklist is an absolute favourite.



Margaret River Roasting Company

While many people think that Margaret River is the number one wine spot in Western Australia, its coffee is just as good, if not better! This awesome coffee roaster is currently able to offer multiple blends and even more single origins to ensure that you have plenty of options. The Margaret River Roasting Company also produces live videos via Instagram and Facebook called Talking Coffee.

Talking Coffee is a video series that offers an insight into the coffee industry every Tuesday at 10 am. They also offer training videos every Thursday at 10 am that cover techniques such as latte art and brewing. This excellent company just has so much to offer.



Twin Peaks Coffee Roasters

This awesome coffee roaster based in Morley is a fixture in far more than 20 Perth cafes and a very regular guest for many more. From Twin Peaks Coffee Roasters, blends and rotating single origins are available for one-off purchases or subscriptions that run either fortnightly or monthly. Shipping is completely free of charge in the Perth metro area and also on orders over $60 throughout Australia.

The Twin Peaks website also shows you how to get the most out of filter coffee whether you’re brewing by pour-over, French press, or Aeropress.



Laika Roasters

This Lathlain-based coffee roaster hit the coffee scene with a real bang back in 2018. All of the Laika coffees are single origin. Better yet, there is an absolutely massive range for you to choose from.

Subscriptions are available if you don’t think you can choose. Shipping from Laika is also free and coffee can be pre-ground for either espresso or filter. Make sure you always keep a keen eye out on social media for any discount codes they may be offering.

If you aren’t really a confident barista at home, Laika also offers compostable, Nespresso-compatible capsules in three different varieties.




Most of the best baristas in Perth head to this amazing coffee spot to enjoy a smooth coffee a bite to eat. However, not many people know that Modus roasts its own coffee. The range here is pretty small in comparison to a lot of other coffee roasters, but the quality is absolutely outstanding.

Modus also offers a Modus’ Singles Club which is a monthly single-origin subscription available as pre-ground or whole beans for any brewing method. You can also grab Aeropress and pour-over equipment on the Modus website.



Mano a Mano

A lot of the top restaurants in Perth actually stock the famous Mano a Mano coffee beans which is why so many people now have their eyes on this awesome brand. Mano a Mano seasonally sources micro-lots from ethical producers and works to roast it in small batches.

This is done in an attempt to show off every region’s beautiful botanical characteristics. These West Perth roasters are stocked at the Gordon Street Garage, Petition Kitchen, Il Lido, and so many more spots. They also own their own on-site espresso bar for your caffeine-hit needs.




Pound’s signature gold-foiled bags are made completely by hand which is just one great reason to buy from this great coffee roaster. Pound is stocked in plenty of great Perth cafes due to the aroma and flavour of the beans themselves. However, the bags are an absolute bonus.

Inside these gold-foiled bags, you will find some amazing beans that will caffeinate you and taste delicious while doing so. These guys are all about showing off how they process their beans. They roast in super small batches and their menu is always growing and changing.

They have a huge commitment to sustainable and ethical roasting which shows in the work they do.




Leftfield only started small, but it grew quickly and is now settled in many bars, restaurants, and cafes throughout Perth. These guys have over 20 years of experience dedicated to coffee roasting. You can live in peace knowing that these guys really do know what they are doing when it comes to coffee.

You can choose to either pop into their roastery or order online. However, Leftfield is stocked at a massive number of grocers and stores throughout WA. No matter where you are, you will be able to stock up without worry.


best coffee beans in perth

If you’re wanting to know where you can stock up on the best coffee beans in Perth, we can help you out! Just check out the spots above and you will be sipping on smooth brew in no time at all!


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