How To Stay Up To Date About Crime In Your Area

It’s a sad fact that crime, especially theft, is on the up in Australia. The latest annual figures showed a marked increase in such offences, up by 78,084 reported offences on the previous year *. Although thankfully, home break-ins are on the decrease, in part, due to the increasing affordability of high-quality security and CCTV systems installed within private dwellings, the reasons for such robberies are changing in their dynamics. The 21st-century thief often targets very different spoils that simply those of luxury items.

Today, when someone breaks into a property they’re not only looking for high-value items. Passports, credit cards, driving licenses and other types of ID are also highly prized. Identity theft and cyber-crime are on the rise. And one of your strongest defences against this is to stay informed about crime in your particular area. And, luckily, it’s not that difficult to do.

The following are some easy to implement ways as to how you can stay up to date about crime where you live.

  1. Check out your local Crime Stoppers website: Here you can get the latest information about all types of crime in your area. From burglary to cybercrime, Crime Stoppers is not only a place where you can report wrongdoings but also keep informed about the latest where you live. Here you can get snapshots of incidents that have occurred, plus read the latest in precautions you can take to prevent becoming a victim of crime **.
  2. Become a member of your local Neighbourhood Watch: This well-established and effective community-based organisation has been in place since 1983. It encourages residents to work with each other to keep an eye out for crime (or potential crime), as well as increasing safety for all who live in the area. Neighbourhood Watch Australasia *** is all about strengthening local communities, making them better and safer places to live, and working with the Police to improve an area’s resilience to crime.
  3. Get online: And become a member of your local online forum. Many communities have a Facebook page where residents can not only exchange witty banter, but keep informed about what’s going on in the area. And in 2018 a social network dedicated wholly to creating closer neighbourhood ties, Nextdoor, was launched in Australia. Such forums are the ideal location to keep your finger on the pulse with local crime, as the power of the network allows real-time knowledge to be shared about anything that’s going on.

And last, but certainly not least, don’t forget the power of simply talking to fellow residents. We all play a part in keeping crime levels down. Getting to know your neighbours not only helps you stay informed about local happenings, but some great friendships can be formed as well!

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