Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Seniors

Give the gift of mobility and freedom this Christmas! Whether you’re buying a present for family or friends that have trouble doing everyday tasks, or you’re treating yourself to something to help you get the job done – a practical gift can be life-changing. See our guide to thoughtful presents for seniors:

1. Tippable Kettle

If you know someone who loves a cuppa – a Tippable Kettle is a wonderful gift. Ideal for those suffering from arthritis, there’s no need to lift a kettle full of boiling water to make a cup of tea. This nifty kettle’s non-weight-bearing tilt-and-pour action is so simple to use! Find out more about the Tippable Kettle here.

2. Reacher

It’s so frustrating to drop things onto the floor, out of reach for those who have difficulty stretching or bending. A reacher, with grabbing claw is your extended helping hand – particularly if you have limited hand strength. Find out more about the reacher here.

3. HandyBar

The HandyBar is a thoughtful gift for people who find it difficult getting in and out of cars. Easy to ledge onto any car’s doorframe, the HandyBar’s non slip handle provides secure grip for extra assistance. Find out more about the HandyBar here.

4. Tray Walker

A considerate gift for someone requiring mobility assistance indoors is the Tray Walker. With two handy trays, this is ideal for people suffering from arthritis or Parkinson’s who need a little help with carrying items around the house. Find out more about the Tray Walker here.

5. Seat Walker

If you’re looking for a present of independence for someone requiring mobility assistance – the Seat Walker will be greatly appreciated. Featuring a durable lightweight frame, ergonomic rubber hand grips, padded seat, brakes, and a removable backrest, the Seat Walker also folds for convenient transport and storage. Find out more about the Seat Walker here.

6. Mobility Scooter

For those who can no longer drive, a mobility scooter can help to maintain an independent and active lifestyle. They are easy to drive, inexpensive to run and environmentally friendly too. Find out more about Unicare’s big range of mobility scooters here.

7. Electric Lift and Recline Chair

An electric lift and recline chair is a thoughtful gift for someone who needs assistance to stand after relaxing in a chair. We recommend a visit to Unicare’s Bentley showroom to trial these wonderful, comfy chairs. Find out more about the electric lift and recline chairs here.

8. Needle Threader

For craft lovers with poor eyesight or shaky hands, a needle threader can be an absolute blessing. The handy gadget effortlessly threads needles of many different sizes. Find out more about the needle threader here.

9. Key Safe

People who receive regular visitors from carers may benefit from a secure box for storing keys outside the home. This also may be particularly handy for elderly people with dementia who may lock themselves out. Find out more about the key safe here.

10. Pedal Exerciser

Need to keep active, but are low on space? The pedal exerciser takes up minimal space and can be easily used from a chair or bed. Featuring foot stirrups to prevent slipping and adjustable pedal resistance, it’s perfect for lower leg rehabilitation and general exercise. Find out more about the pedal exerciser here.

To order any of these helpful items, ring Unicare Health on 1800 656 654 (free call) or visit the Unicare showroom at 29 Alexandra Place in Bentley for even more gifts of safety, mobility and independence. Free delivery is available anywhere in Australia for online orders above $100.

Wishing you a safe festive season!


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