Marlee Morris Dancers

Marlee Morris Dancers

Marlee Morris is an energetic mixed gender dancing group that perform traditional Morris dances from the Cotswold Hills and Border (English/Welsh) regions of England.  Marlee Morris takes the folk traditions of rural England and imbues them with a contemporary Western Australian energy.

Clashing sticks, waving hankies and sounding bells as they dance, the dancers are accompanied by live instruments such as pipe, tabor and melodeon. The ribbons streaming from elbows and waist show the Marlee Morris colours: purple, green and orange.

The name Marlee comes from the Noongar word for Black Swan. The image of a black swan forms their logo and makes them stand out as uniquely Western Australian amidst the twenty odd Morris sides across Australia. Their black tatters coat symbolises the feathers of the black swan. Marlee Morris is largely a traditional dance side performing dances from the southwest of England but also wilder dances from the border region between England and Wales.

A genuine community of enthusiastic odd balls, Marlee dancers have a wealth of Morris experience and they deliver a performance which is fresh, varied and skilled – spirited dancing all year round! They practise in Nedlands.

Marlee Morris Dancers

Why don’t you join the Marlee Morris Dancers?

As well as keeping folk traditions alive other good reasons to come and join us are the following:
  • Good exercise for the mind and body – there is lots of research indicating the benefit of dance to lower risks of heart disease, and dementia
  • Good for mental wellbeing – ticks all the boxes of “Act, Belong, Commit”.
  • After practice and gigs we often socialize to “rehydrate”.
  • As a consequence of performing, we get free entry to festivals and gatherings and if it is a “paid” gig, the treasurer will give dancers/musicians money for drinks etc.
  • Costs are minimal – $3 per practice towards hall hire and you will need to get white trousers and a white shirt before your first performance.
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Steve on 0400 731 049 or via email or visit our website facebook page

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