How To Choose A Leather Belt

In this article, we will look at what criteria for choosing a leather belt. Many of us believe that a belt should have a minimum of functions. It should be comfortable, and match the style of clothing. We are often sceptical about the belt as a fashion accessory. But for a business person and a man who is attentive to his appearance, you need to take care of choosing the right belt.


Choosing a leather belt by material

The best men’s belts are made from genuine leather or leatherette. Demand for textile products is much lower. Genuine leather belts are always of high quality and comfortable to wear. Sometimes, however, you have to pay a high price for them, but the belt is purchased for a long time, so you should not save on the purchase. If you choose good belt leather, the purchase will always pay off.


Choosing a belt according to the method of fastening

You will have to choose from two main options: a belt with a buckle or with a so-called track. You can meet the second option when buying an inexpensive belt made from inexpensive material. The service life of a belt with a track is low, and this fastening cannot be restored. When choosing an expensive leather belt, carefully inspect the buckle. In operation, the buckle is more reliable, and it is not difficult to replace it in case of breakage.


How to choose a leather belt

There are several important criteria by which a belt should be selected. Check out the recommendations of experts. Belts come in two main types. The classic version is in perfect harmony with strict business suits or trousers. A casual style belt goes great with jeans. When buying a belt, you should always remember the unity of styles. It is optimal to have several belts in your wardrobe, for any situation.

Men, lovers of good watches, should pay special attention to the choice of a belt. The watch must match the belt in texture and colour. Match the buckle to the colour scheme of the dial.

The men’s belt should not have any engravings and other decorative elements if you select accessories for a wedding suit. Finishing is suitable only for clothes in casual style. When choosing a belt, you should consider not only the style of your trousers but also think about the appearance of the shoes. The perfect match of shoes with a belt in texture and color will tell about your taste.


 Belt dimensions

The width of the belt you choose is important. For teenagers and young people, a belt with a minimum width is quite suitable. Adult men should remember that the width of the belt should not be less than five centimetres.

You should also take seriously the choice of belt length. You need to know what your waist circumference is so that the belt fastens freely and there is a small margin. The remainder should not exceed a length of twenty centimetres, as this is considered a sign of bad taste. But you don’t need to refuse the belt you like because of the excessive length. It’s not hard to shorten it.

The ideal length is considered to be the length at which the middle hole can be used. If you want to wear the belt comfortably, make sure that the hole you use is not the last one. If you try to dig a hole with your own hands, you can hopelessly ruin the belt. Use the services of a professional tailor.


Choice of natural material

To choose real leather, read some rules. Squeeze the strap in your hand. If the skin is heated, it is real. If the material remains cold, you are dealing with a conventional substitute.

Choose soft leather, and visually determine the quality of its dressing. Good skin can be identified by its attractive appearance and soft texture. If the leather on the reverse side exfoliates, this product will not suit you. If scratches remain on clothes due to the side edges of the belt, your outfit will be hopelessly damaged. Also, test each rivet for strength by bending the strap next to it.

Equally important is the quality of the fittings. The attractiveness of this accessory depends on this. The tongue of the buckle should move freely, and its end should not be pointed. When choosing a belt, check it for stretch. The product must be elastic and resistant to stress. If the belt is strongly stretched, it will soon deform along the length and become wavy.


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