How to choose the best headlamp? Tips from experts

Choosing a quality headlamp is no easy task. Of course, the first thing you should pay attention to is the scope. That is, decide what the flashlight is for, choose the right model and learn about its application. Quite a few selection criteria depend on the duties that the lamp must perform and, of course, on its cost. Despite the fact that headlamps from Ledlenser are quite similar in appearance, they all have different scopes, characteristics, and purposes. In this article, we will talk about where it is advisable to use headlamps and how not to miscalculate with the choice of a particular model.


How headlamps are used

From their name, it is immediately clear that such lanterns are put on the head, or rather, on the forehead. The device of the lantern has a kind of “bandage” on the head, the size of which is regulated by a clasp. In place of the forehead of a person, there will be a lantern. This is convenient because the hands will be free, and the necessary objects will be highlighted.

In addition, it is precisely thanks to this advantage that both the efficiency of work and its safety will increase significantly.


Where are headlamps used?

A device such as a headlamp will be useful in a variety of areas. The usefulness of a headlamp can be appreciated not only in the field of industry, but also in daily use.

Thus, a headlamp can be useful for fishing, hunting, travelling, hiking, cycling or rollerblading at night, reading books, car repairs, and so on.

Headlamps have been widely used by athletes, climbers, tourists, hunters, firefighters, rescuers, diggers, speleologists, and also hunters.

Like other flashlights, headlamps have several subtypes:

  • Tourist;
  • Tactical;
  • Lanterns for running;
  • Lanterns for hunting;
  • Waterproof;
  • Designed for extreme sports;
  • And so on.


For example, headlamps designed for running are designed specifically for sports. Such models have a large range and a wide beam of light. In addition, it provides freedom of movement for the hands. Therefore, it will not be very convenient to buy a flashlight for running, for example, in order to use it for fishing.

Waterproof flashlights are ideal for hunting, fishing, kayaking and other water sports. Such models are not only waterproof but also resistant to impacts and have dirt-repellent functions.

In the field of speleology, the lantern has acquired great importance. In this area, it guarantees safety and reliability in different conditions. However, such flashlights have a high prices everywhere, except for online stores, where they can be ordered at prices from the manufacturer.


Why do you need a flashlight while hiking?

We need a flashlight at the end of the day when we set up camp. Walking in the dark to a stream to get water, or simply finding something in a tent with a lantern is much easier. As a rule, it is enough that it shines for the next ten meters. Too bright and strong light will interfere with others.


How to choose a headlamp?

First of all, it is worth deciding for what purpose you want to order this device. Pay attention to:

  • Brightness and other aspects of the light aspect. Sometimes it happens that too high brightness will only interfere. The best solution is to choose a flashlight with several modes of operation.
  • Light quality. Here it is worth paying attention to the width and intensity of the beam, as well as the colour of the light.
  • Duration of work. Each flashlight is battery-operated. If you plan to use it in the cold, it is best to always have a spare rechargeable battery or a set of ordinary batteries with you.
  • The sports lamp should be worn over the head – in this way it can provide freedom of movement. The lantern must be securely attached to the head, if it dangles and hits in different places, then this will not be training, but a shadow fight (or with a lantern). To do this, in addition to good fasteners, the lantern must have a minimum weight and dimensions placed on the head. If the flashlight is planned for active training and competition, then the batteries must be placed in a separate unit, which is fixed on the body. For hiking or not fast walks, this is not so important, but if the lantern is not convenient, then it is better to choose a model for a friend.


The desire of manufacturers to reduce the weight and dimensions of the lantern and impose restrictions on other parameters.


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