How Vitamin E Affects Your Body and Why is it Great?

Every vitamin that nature produces is beneficial for us as humans. Vitamin E is not the most commonly mentioned one when you’re reading health magazines, but it does have its role in preserving your health.

Vitamin E is found in plant-based oils, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Since you’re probably consuming these daily, you don’t need any extra supplements. However, make the calculations and see if you might be lacking. The optimal daily intake of Vitamin E is 15 mg, so be sure to have your regular intake.

If you’re not sure what Vitamin E is good for, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’re talking about its benefits and how it may be helpful for you, especially if you’re an older adult. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of Vitamin E.


1. It may help prevent skin cancer

Vitamin E is known to be an excellent nutrient when it comes to your skin. It’s great to have a natural intake by digesting vegetables, seeds, and fruits, but if you regularly take this supplement, you can be sure that you’re helping to prevent skin cancer.

Vitamin E is excellent for your skin in general, and having enough of it means you’re battling the negative effects of the sun perfectly. Keep your dose optimal and as described by the doctor, and be sure you’re lowering the risk of skin cancer.


2. Helps your heart work better

This vitamin has several benefits, and cardiovascular function is one of them. Keeping the perfect daily dose means you’re keeping your heart’s work optimal too.

Research shows that Vitamin E is great for the work of your heart. If you’re struggling with issues connected with blood and your heart, ensure you’re not facing Vitamin E deficiency. Moreover, it’s best to have enough of it daily and be sure you’re not risking heart failure.


3. Excellent for the liver

The liver usually suffers from alcohol, but not everyone enjoys it and still struggles with liver issues. Many foods will affect your liver; if you want to ensure safety and perfect working liver, you should take enough Vitamin E.

Your liver will become stronger and easily handle everything you throw at it. The liver acts as a filter of the blood passing down the stomach preventing toxins from going further. Vitamin E helps the liver do its job flawlessly.


4. It will help when you get a sunburn

We mentioned that it is great for preventing skin cancer and skin problems in general. If you spend too much time under the sun, you will need to wait some time until your skin fully recovers.

This will happen faster when you’re younger, but as an older adult, it may take some time and make you feel uncomfortable. Vitamin E will speed up the process and recover your burned skin much faster.


5. Takes care of nails and keep them young

Are you struggling with broken and unhealthy nails? Vitamin E is essential for having them in perfect condition. As you grow older, the nails slow down their growth, which is normal, but having weak nails isn’t.

Take Vitamin E supplements to ensure your nails look amazing and are in perfect condition. There’s no worse feeling than having parts of your broken nails touch your clothes. Keep them in perfect condition with this little trick.


6. Induces the work of your brain and keeps your memory

The brain also benefits from enough Vitamin E. Those who lack this vitamin will have trouble remembering things. Vitamin E is crucial for your memory, so if you want to keep your mind sharp, have enough of it.

If you’re struggling with Alzheimer’s and other brain conditions, ensure that someone constantly gives you enough Vitamin E, so you have an easier time remembering and living a normal life.


7. Improves the immune system in older adults

Younger people will have a flawless immune system no matter what they take, but seniors need to take care of themselves. To enhance the work of your immune system, it’s best to take Vitamin E, among the other supplements that also help.

Your immunity can be tackled by many things, from everyday stress to an invasion of various viruses and bacteria. However, you can always counterattack by using several vitamins, including Vitamin E. Having great immunity means being healthy.


8. Helps your lungs work flawlessly

Research shows that Vitamin E significantly helps people battling asthma. If you’re an older adult that has trouble breathing, you should always keep a high dose of Vitamin E in your body.

Your lungs will be flawless if you eat the right foods and take supplements containing Vitamin E. Of course, don’t expect miracles, but you can add a few percent in your battle against heavy breathing by taking a higher dose of Vitamin E.

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