A Travel Guide for WA Seniors in 2022 Who Want to See the World

A Travel Guide for WA Seniors in 2022 Who Want to See the World

Over the past two years, you may have been fortunate enough to travel all across Western Australia as a holiday – or taken a few day-trip “staycations” in Perth and surrounds – but the border walls have fallen and it’s time to see the world once again! If you’ve had an overseas destination in mind, now is the time to make the most of it. If you’ve developed a case of WA cabin fever and feel it’s about time for your next overseas jaunt, read on to discover our recommendations for WA seniors travelling overseas.


Choose a tour group

When you’re older, it’s comforting to know everything is set up for you ahead of time. When travelling to other locations where you don’t speak the language or aren’t familiar with the culture, group trips can be extremely useful. You may make the most of your time abroad by working through any vacation obstacles with the assistance of your group tour guides. In some cases, going with a group can also mean group package discounts!


Be medication savvy

When travelling, you should be aware of local regulations regarding the use of prescription drugs and if special permission is required. You can find out at your country’s local consulate or embassy. Additionally, you must have adequate medications in their original packaging for the duration of your vacation. You may need to get a licence for the medications (if required by the destination country), a note from your doctor outlining the purposes of the medications, and a duplicate of your medicine prescription. Finally, keep your prescription drugs in your hand baggage. You won’t lose all of your necessary drugs if your luggage is missing.

A Travel Guide for WA Seniors in 2022 Who Want to See the World

Using international foreign exchange

Are you considering using a bank to convert your currency? Or just rely on credit cards? Don’t! You may pay exorbitant rates to convert local currency into foreign currency, as well as high fees and other charges. Find the best international money transfer option so you can keep more of your money at the other end of the transaction. Some foreign exchanges may have zero fees, more favourable rates, or “limit” orders that only put through an exchange if the rates are favourable to you. Seeing options side by side via an online comparison site is a good way to go. Also, your seniors’ card may also give you access to special discounts!


Get the right travel insurance

As a senior, it may be difficult to get travel insurance based on your age and pre-existing medical conditions. Some seniors’ friendly providers may take this into account, as well as providing coverage for medical assistance, lost luggage or belongings, cancellation cover, and emergency assistance cover. Don’t just hope your credit card provider “covers” it all!


Read the travel advice

Before you select your destinations, read up on all the latest travel advisories at SmartTraveller. Don’t go into places that could potentially be harmful. You need to be on top of all the visa and passport requirements as well as Centrelink payments – they can be affected by leaving Australia.

A Travel Guide for WA Seniors in 2022 Who Want to See the World

Make sure you read up and be prepared to have a great holiday outside of WA!


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