Ellen Cove Boardwalk Trail, Albany

Ellen Cove Boardwalk Trail, Albany

Albany has such a diverse coastline, and much of it is flanked by walking and cycle paths that give you a different perspective than when driving.

We parked our car at the Rotary lookout on the hill overlooking King George Sound and had a great view of the Sound and the outlying islands. A plaque at the lookout commemorates Kemal Ataturk, the Turkish Field Marshall who led the Turkish forces that fought the Australian and New Zealand troops at Gallipoli. It’s nice that we are able to remember and acknowledge other countries that we have fought against in wartime, as we each are proud of our own forces and their willingness to fight for their country.

Ellen Cove Boardwalk Trail, Albany

Steps led us down to a walking and cycle path that connected Ellen Cove at Middleton Beach to Lawley Park near the port and marina. Heading downhill the walk was a pleasant stroll along a gently sloping sealed path with plenty of opportunities to stop and take in the views and even a shaded pavilion where you can rest for a short while.

Ellen Cove Boardwalk Trail, Albany

We came across lots of lizards and skinks out sunning themselves on the footpath, and even a couple of quendas foraging in the bushes.

Ellen Cove Boardwalk Trail, Albany

Reaching the end of the trail, the footpath became a boardwalk, we noticed a man looking over the rail as if he was searching for something. We had a look to see what he was looking at, and noticed that at the base of the railing, on the bush side, were memorial dedications to locals; some with flowers left on them.

Ellen Cove Boardwalk Trail, Albany

As we came to the end of the walk the cove and park opened up in front of us. There are picnic benches, toilets and a children’s playground and a pier stretching out into the bay. Out in the bay is a pontoon for sunbathing or jumping into the water, and you can reward yourself with coffee and a treat at the cafe.

Ellen Cove Boardwalk Trail, Albany

Of course, as we had left our car parked halfway up the hill it was obvious that we now had to retrace our steps, but this time going in the opposite direction; it’s funny how much steeper the climb seemed when going up the hill!

We only walked about 1.5km but if you want to walk the whole trail it is around 4.5km long, one way; I believe it is sealed the whole way but if I’m being honest, unless you are reasonably fit then it could be a hard slog if you had mobility problems.

Ellen Cove Boardwalk Trail, Albany

Details: Ellen Cove Boardwalk Trail, Middleton Beach, Albany


Parking: Middleton Beach Car Park


Walking Difficulty: Moderately difficult due to incline


Wheelchair Friendly: Assistance would probably be needed due to incline but sealed pathway. Shared bike path.


Dog Friendly.

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