Best Healthcare Facilities You Could Visit In Australia

Finding the nearest healthcare with the best services is essential to one’s life. In times of health emergencies, it’s the first place that comes into mind to get expert medical attention. Additionally, it’s important not just to know the location of the nearest healthcare facilities but also where to get the best high-quality healthcare services and facilities, especially if you know someone who needs special health attention.

Thankfully, Australia is known as one of the best places that offer the best health systems around the globe. From quality care and services to affordability for every person at any age, you’ll surely not regret getting treatments in this place. That said, here are five best healthcare facilities you could visit around Australia:


Sydney Sexual Health Centre

For couples or even individuals looking for sexual health doctors, you can visit Sydney Sexual Health Centre located at Macquarie Street, Sydney, Australia. They’re considered the oldest sexual health service in New South Wales and offer various kinds of sexual health treatment and management.

They cater to patients with sexually transmitted infections, HIV, and more. They also provide free testing for people who are living with HIV. Not to mention, they’re all guaranteed confidentiality. They also offer counselling services for people having difficulty negotiating relationships with their sexual partners, coping with a diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases, and more.

They also have a clinic for young patients under age 24 and even for gay men and men who engage in sexual intercourse with the same sex. Fortunately, hospitals like this exist to help those who are going through various issues with their sexual health. For instance, a person may be diagnosed with sexual impotence and prescribed sildenafil Citrate; it could be hard for them to rely solely on medication without considering how to process the emotional baggage that comes with it. Thus, counselling might help these people who are afraid of being judged.


Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

In 2020, it was found that an estimated ten million deaths were caused by cancer. Cancer is one of the hardest illnesses to cure since patients may become resistant to treatments over time, making some treatments ineffective.

For anyone living in Australia, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is one of the most popular healthcare facilities that offer treatment for various kinds of cancer, in-depth research, and education. It’s considered the single public hospital in Australia dedicated to helping people with cancer.

This healthcare facility has numerous clinical researchers and thousands of staff that could help provide better treatment. With every kind of cancer, the cure varies from person to person. Thus, various factors must be assessed to provide the best possible cure. Also, one great thing about getting cancer care in this public health facility is that they acknowledge the usage of private health insurance.


Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

If you’re living in Perth, then the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH) is a great go-to option as a healthcare facility. SCGH offers a wide range of medical services to various individuals. They cater to various medical cases like emergency healthcare needs, trauma, critical care patients, general surgery, cardiovascular care, and cancer. You can expect that they have expert doctors who could help you and provide quality care for fast recovery.

Another reason why SCGH is one of the best hospitals in Australia is because it holds great ground-breaking research. It is the home of the Nobel Prize winner for Medicine in 2005, Barry Marshall, who discovered how stomach ulcers are caused by a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori and not stress or eating too many spicy foods. Thus, this has provided a great international reputation not only to him but also to the facility.


John of God Murdoch Hospital

In Australia, St. John of God Murdoch Hospital is a private hospital that has 27 facilities, operating with 3,340 beds. It’s a division of one of the largest healthcare providers in Australia called Std John of God Health Care.

It was established in 1994, and its facilities are located in Western Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria. They have become known as a major healthcare facility in the Southern region.

The kinds of services they provide range from rehabilitation, mental health services, surgical, and even maternity. Also, they provide:

  • 24-hour emergency department services.
  • Critical and coronary care.
  • Palliative care for people suffering from serious illnesses.


Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) is the largest hospital in Brisbane. This hospital is known for its outstanding care in various clinical areas like cancer care, burns, and maternity.

Additionally, they’re considered a world-class hospital care provider and have been labelled by Newsweek as part of the top 100 hospitals worldwide. No wonder they have become the best because of the core values they uphold, such as teamwork, respect, compassion for their patients and co-workers, and putting their hearts into everything they do.


Final Thoughts

In the aspect of health, everyone just wants the best for themselves. Nothing more, nothing less. High-quality hospital services and medical attention is a dire need in life. Without the skills and expertise of doctors in the field of Medicine and medical facilities, people would have a hard time getting the kind of help they need. That said, stated above are the five best healthcare facilities you might want to consider if you’re in Australia.

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