Best Medication Reminders – Apps, Pill Boxes & Alarms

Getting older may mean more of a reliance on a cocktail of prescription drugs and supplements to get you through your day. A little help in keeping track of your daily medicines can go a long way!  Whether you are managing your own absent-mindedness or taking care of a relative, medication reminders are one of the most useful aspects of daily medical care. Luckily there are various products on the market to assist you in your organisation from pill remainder dispensers, alarm watches and smartphone apps.

We have put together a list of products that we think will enable you to manage your medicines more easily.

Pill Box Alarms

Timer Caps with Std. 2 oz. Vials

The Timercap is easy to use with no alarms & nothing to program or set. Just close the TimerCap and the stopwatch automatically counts up the seconds, minutes, and hours.

The TimerCap organiser automatically shows the time when the pill bottles were last closed, helping you to avoid dosage mistake or potential overdose.

Whether you are living with chronic issues, recovering from surgery or addressing age-related safety issues, this helps achieve medication management, simply and reliably.

The TimerCaps are fully portable and help you easily organise your pill medication to fit in your pocket, purse, medicine cabinet or travel bag. Taking medication can now be anxiety-free and simple.

If the Timercep doesn't match your current medication bottle don't worry. The caps do come with bottles. Just peel off the label, place it on the new bottle and now your protected. Two Timercaps are included in the purchase.

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e-Pill TimeCap and Bottle

The e-Pill Time Cap displays the time and day of week the pill bottle was last opened.

It also gives you the option to set up to 24 on-the-hour alarms. All alarms automatically repeat every day.

The e-Pill Time Cap has a built-in missed dose indicator. If the display is flashing the bottle was never opened during the set alarm time.

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Pill Dispensers

Medcenter Talking Alarm Clock with Pill Box Organiser

The Medcenter Talking Alarm Clock with Pill Box Organiser consists of a weekly pillbox with seven large capacity pillboxes and a LOUD talking alarm clock and medication reminder

You can set up to 4 daily alarms (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night).

The alarm will sound periodically until the special 'alarm acknowledged' button is pressed

Extra Loud sound settings ensure the alarm is heard. The large display makes viewing the date, day and time easy

Each detachable pill box has 4 dosage compartments. Great for multiple pills, capsules, and tablets.

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7 Day Glow in the Dark Pill Reminder Box

The 7 Day Glow in the Dark Pill Reminder Box glows in the dark to help you see your medication when you can't turn on the lights

The 7 day pill organiser allows you to plan out medication for every day of the week. It can

store various size pills, vitamins, supplements, and aspirin medications

This pill reminder is small enough to travel with and can fit in most bags

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Watch, Clocks and Fob Alarms

TICCI Unisex Vibrating Alarm Watch

The TICCI Unisex Vibrating Alarm Watch offers a large display face with big digits meaning it very easy to read the numbers at a glance.

It is able to be set with up to 8 strong vibrating and sound alarms that are Tailor-Made for Hard of Hearing People. You can choose to have with both sound and vibration, only sound or only vibration.

The Super Bright Backlight lights up the whole display with large digits making it very easy to read in the dark.

The TICCI Unisex Vibrating Alarm Watch is 50 meters water-resistant. You can wash your hands, take a shower and go for a swim with it on. No need to take off the watch! Great Lockout Once you have added your settings you can activate the lock feature which can prevent accidental changes.

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Vibrating Alarm Watch

The discrete eSeasongear vibrating alarm watch comes in a variety of colours and offers up to 8 vibrating alarms at day with the option for an extra-strong 40 seconds long silent wake-up alarm. The battery lasts up to 4 weeks (depending on usage) and is USB chargeable. You can choose to select a traditional band with clasp or a slip-on band with no clasp.

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e-pill CADEX VibraPlus Fob Pendant

The e-pill CADEX VibraPlus Fob Pendant helps keep track of time and various work-related activities or can be used as a pill timer medication reminder.

You can set up to 8 different alarm times with a 15-second vibrating alarm duration.

Alarms can be set for Vibration Alarm, Sound Alarm or Both. Auto-Repeating daily medication reminders.

Set intervals between 15 minutes to 24 hours, throughout the day with a countdown and repeat timer (continuously repeat your programmed countdown time).

Key Lock allows you to lock the settings to prevent accidental changes. Prevents from stopping or resetting the timer or settings. Stopwatch for timing any function or task.

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Reminder Rosie Alarm Clock That Responds to Verbal Commands

Reminder Rosie is an advanced, voice-controlled reminder system that solves the very real daily challenges of memory loss. Inspired by the creator's father who suffered from dementia, Rosie is a personalised, voice-controlled reminder system which is so simple that older adults love to use it! With its senior-friendly clock interface, Reminder Rosie is a simple, hands-free, inexpensive solution to remember medication, appointments, and every-day tasks. Never forget a task again! You can record & play up to 25 short messages or reminders.

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Smart Phone Apps

Medisafe App

Medisafe’s FREE medication reminder app is number one for a reason.

With Medisafe, you get personalised reminders for each of your medications and vital drug interaction warnings. Stay connected to your caregivers through real-time missed medication alerts. Be notified when your prescriptions are running low so you are never without your medication.

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‎Pill Reminder - All in One

Pill Reminder is an easy-to-use and reliable app that helps you remember to take your medications at the right time. It allows you to create any type of recurring reminders (every X hours, specific times, daily, weekly, monthly, every X days, etc). It tracks the remaining quantity of each medication and shows a refill alert when running low.

It has everything you need:

• Mark Medications as Taken or Missed

• Reschedule Medications

• Refill Reminders

• PRN (as needed) Medications

• Calendar

• Reminders for Medical Appointments

• Email Reports to your Doctor

• Multiple User Support

By remembering to take all of your medications at the right time, you are taking control of your own health.

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