The Best Places to See Wildflowers Near Perth

Wildflowers Perth

Discover Perth’s spectacular wildflowers with this helpful list of locations below. In WA alone, there are over 12,000 stunning species of wildflowers which make it the world’s largest collection. You can bask in the glory of these treasures at a number of lovely sights around Perth and the surrounding areas from September to November every single year.

Perth is super fortunate to have retained a lot of lovely wildflower sites in the bushland areas of the metropolitan area. Spring is the peak wildflower season here in Perth which makes it the ideal time to put on your joggers, pack a picnic, and head on over to these spots. Embark on a beautiful journey to these wonderful locations below and enjoy all that the WA wildflower season has to offer.


Wildflowers in Perth, WA


Beverley Wildflower Trails

Based in Beverley, you can spend the whole day exploring these absolutely amazing wildflower trails out in the lovely Avon Valley. The Brooking Street Reserve is situated only a very short walk from the RV Park and will open you up to a new and enchanting world of wildflowers. You can view over 12 unique and exciting orchid species that will simply enchant you.

You can even spot a beautiful range of orchids throughout spring at The Dale River Reserve which is also a great spot to go bird watching. It is definitely worth a visit when the wildflowers are in full bloom.


Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory

Situated in some really dense bushland, that has been untouched for thousands of years. The Gravity Discovery Centre and Observatory is home to over 65 amazing varieties of wildflowers. You can find the beautiful wildflowers around the exterior of the buildings on The Biodiversity Walk, The Solar System Walk, and The Tiwest Bush Walk.

All wildflower enthusiasts and nature lovers are heavily encouraged to browse the grounds and enjoy the wildflowers that are on display during the springtime.


Lake Gwelup

Lake Gwelup is located in the City of Stirling. When you step foot in this beautiful area, you will be surrounded by simply amazing Marri, Banksia, and Jarrah woodlands, as well as beautiful, colourful flora. There is an awesome multipurpose paved path that loops for around 2.5km in the reserve.

This makes wildflower viewing very accessible for people using wheelchairs or gophers. You will find some pretty awesome species here including Yellow Buttercups, Donkey Orchids, Milk Maids, Swan River Myrtle, and so much more. Guided walks around the lake are often hosted by The Wildflower Society of WA if you’d like to be guided throughout the local reserve.




Located in the City of Stirling, Starswamp is a super cool area that is home to a massive and diverse variety of different plant species. This is why it is often named as the most amazing reserve to search for beautiful wildflowers. You will be able to spot plenty of wildlife nearby such as Quendas and Carnaby cockatoos that will be feasting on things around the reserve.

Just watch out and don’t get a fright when the quendas dart out in front of you! Here, you will find wildflower species including Swan River Myrtle, Chocolate Lily, Milk Maids, and Common Hovea. However, there will also be others to spot!


Swan Valley

The Swan Valley is very well-known due to the massive variety of wineries and breweries. However, you will have to leave the drinking and eating for another day and head on out to the Walyunga National Park instead. This awesome national park is home to a host of colourful plant species, rolling hills, and spectacular views as far as the eye can see.

You really don’t have to venture too far as the closer to the entrance you are, the more wildflowers you will see. However, if you do want to see more, you can explore amazing nooks and crannies such as Syd’s Rapids and the great Boongarup Pool.


John Forrest National Park

This destination is a super popular choice for a day trip out of the metro area. The John Forrest National Park is WA’s very first national park. It is home to a Jarrah Forrest that has been left practically untouched.

If you take a nice, slow drive along Park Road, you can find over 500 wildflower species from the comfort of your own car. You can also head out and explore if you’re feeling up for it.

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Wireless Hill Park

In spring every single year, Wireless Hill Park truly comes alive. It is one of the best spots in WA to enjoy flora and fauna that is native to Western Australia. You can get out and about amongst nature and enjoy many species of flowers including the famous, floral emblem, the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw.

You can also find many beautiful orchids such as the Spider, Donkey, and Rattlebeak Orchids. This spot is certainly renowned for the amazing, natural display it puts on every single year for visitors to the park. You can take a nice walk down the 1.1km Yagan’s Genunny Loop if you’d like to take a look at the amazing wildflowers and learn more about the heritage of this prominent spot.

You begin your walk at the Wireless Hill car park and follow the signs as you walk around. As you wander on the trail, you will spot many different wildflower varieties. Just make sure you have the whole day to spare to ensure that you can stop and take many pictures.

The bushland here is very dense, so make sure you follow the paths and wear enclosed shoes.


Araluen Botanic Park

These gorgeous and serene botanic gardens do truly come alive in September for the ‘It’s Yates Springtime’ at Araluen. Here, you will find over 150,000 beautiful tulips in full bloom along with thousands upon thousands of other amazing species that will blow your mind. There is also a café onsite if you’d like to stop for a drink or some lunch.

Guided tours are available on their little train. It is certainly an interesting and enlightening spot to visit.

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Araluen Botanical Park, Roleystone

Kings Park

Kings Park is certainly home to many amazing things. However, its wildflowers are seriously incredible during springtime. It might seem obvious to visit this spot and enjoy the wildflowers, but we love how accessible it is for people in wheelchairs and gophers especially.

There are dozens of different paths you can take to find wildflowers in the area. After all, this is one of the best-known spots in all of the Perth region to enjoy wildflowers. The park offers a really exciting and impressive display that can be found over 17 hectares in the Western Australian Botanic Garden.

This garden supports over 3,000 different species of flowering plants. You will be in awe during the whole walk!

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GoGo Active Tours - Kings Park Wildflower Bike Tour.

Lesueur National Park

The Lesueur National Park is one of WA’s most beautiful, impressive, and important floral reserves. However, to truly see it in all of its glory, you have to visit from September to November. It is only a 20km drive from Jurien Bay along the Lesueur Scenic Drive.

Take a slow drive and enjoy looking at a sea of over 900 different and beautiful plant species. Just make sure you’re aware of the road as there are plenty of kangaroos around that will pop out of nowhere and in front of your car.


Bold Park

In Bold Park, you will find over 15 kilometres of walking trails that boast amazing views of the wildflowers. This A-class reserve takes up over 440ha of City Beach Land which makes it a hotspot for biodiversity. Here, you will find over 1000 native and non-native fauna, flora, and fungi.

You will also find over 300 local native plant species in this great park. Just make sure you allow enough time to truly explore this beautiful piece of the world. The longest walk is the 5.5km Zamia Trail that begins at Reabold Hill.

It covers a massive range of lookouts and scenic park benches along the way for a rest. Enjoy looking at local hoveas, zamias, and banksias while you’re amongst nature.

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Ellis Brook Valley Reserve

Only a nice and scenic 35-minute drive from Perth, the gorgeous Ellis Brook Valley Reserve is the perfect spot for both beginners and experts to spot some great wildflowers. This amazing reserve features over 500 great species of wildflowers that you can view while exploring four different walking trails.

Each trail varies in difficulty so make sure you read the signs to know which will suit you best. As you adventure, keep your eyes out for echidnas, kangaroos, possums, bats, and other native wildlife. Just don’t get too close to the wildlife as this is their environment.


Hepburn Heights Conservation Area

Hepburn Heights is seriously one of the best bushland areas in and around Perth. Situated along the coast, this 22-hectare conservation area is filled with a massive variety of wildflowers from the middle of July to November. However, they are best from September to November as this is when most of the flowers are in full bloom.

This area has a nice 2.1km loop trail that takes roughly 32 minutes to complete and allows you to view a huge variety of wildflowers. You start at the end of O’Leary Road near the Padbury Catholic Primary School. The variety of wildflowers here will absolutely blow your mind.

Just make sure you keep an eye out for the wildlife and keep your camera at the ready.


Lesmurdie Falls

Located within the gorgeous and expansive Mundy Regional Park, Lesmurdie Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Perth, if not WA. From very late winter to spring, it is heaven for all of the native wildflower lovers out there. There are plenty of walking trails here to choose from that will take you throughout the vibrant wildflower displays in the park.

The most common trail that people take is The Valley Loop Trail. It is the perfect choice for spotting wildflowers and enjoying views across Lesmurdie Falls. You can enter onto the trail via the Palm Terrace car park.

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Kensington Bushland Reserve

Nestled between the beautiful Canning and Swan rivers, you will find the stunning Kensington Bushland Reserve. This location is very well-preserved and features some of the best jarrah-banksia woodlands in WA. This spot has well over 200 plant and wildflower species spread across nine hectares.

This spot is perfect for wildflower lovers who want to enjoy some native kangaroo paws and pixie mops as you will find them in excess here. You will also find 19 different species of orchids as you walk through the beautiful bushland in the spring months. The Kensington Bushland Reserve Loop is a lovely 1.9km trail that allows you to search through the suburban bushland for your favourite native flora and fauna.

Along with the lovely wildflowers, you will find black cockatoos and other gorgeous locals who might pop their heads out to say hello.

GoGo Active Tours

GoGo offers a range of really cool bike tours that allow you to take in some beautiful wildflower views. They offer engaging tours that take you out into some of the best wildflower hotspots including Kings Park. The tours are slow, and you can stop at any time to ensure that you’re not overexerting yourself.

You will also learn about the native wildlife, the history of the areas you visit, and the gorgeous wildflowers you’ll see along the way.

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GoGo Active Tours - Kings Park Wildflower Bike Tour.

Capture the Light Photographic Tours

With Capture the Light Photographic Tours, you can join a nice, small, and intimate group of people or opt for a private tour and head to areas such as Moora, Perth Hills, York, and Chittering to enjoy the most amazing opportunities and photograph great wildflowers. The tour includes a picnic lunch, bottled water, and handy input from a professional photographer.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, all levels are catered for on this awesome tour. Even if you don’t own a camera, you can bring a phone!


If you’re someone who loves to explore a range of wildflowers and spend time amongst nature, make sure you add these destinations to your bucket list this spring!


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