The Best Walking Trails in Perth, WA- Where to Hike in Perth

Best Walking and Hiking Trails

Are you hoping to get a little fitter? Do you have the monochrome walls in the gym that bore you to death while you attempt to feel better about yourself? Are you stuck in this cycle because you don’t want to have to wander too far out of Perth?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily for you, you really don’t have to wander far out of the city to enjoy a massive selection of gorgeous scenic walking trails around the area. These walking trails will make for the perfect way to kickstart your morning or end your afternoon.

With a combination of beautiful bushland, coastline views, and wildlife throughout, these hiking trails provide exactly what you’re looking for. Check out the best walking trails in and near Perth below to enjoy the lovely scenery and breathe in some fresh air while treating your body.


Walking Trails in Perth, Western Australia

Matilda Bay Reserve

This walking trail is more suited for a crisp morning walk when you need a little fresh air. It is a favourite trail in the warmer months as you can also go swimming, fishing, crabbing, or picnicking there! You begin your walk at the Crawley Boatshed and head all the way down to the Nedlands Yacht Club.

Keep an eye out for the local dolphins as they frequently visit the beaches that back onto the hiking trail. There are also several cafes along the way if you want to rest or stop for a coffee and a small bite to eat! This is one of the best hikes near Perth.


Wireless Hill Park

If you want to experience the benefit of bushwalking while enjoying the wildflowers and native animals without having to venture too far away from the city, Wireless Hill Park is the place to enjoy your next walk. You can enjoy stunning views of the Swan River and city centre while still being amongst nature.

This trail takes you around some beautiful bushland and is perfect to walk during any time of the year. However, it is significantly more beautiful in wildflower season around Perth.


Kings Park

Known as the pride of Perth, Kings Park is a very popular destination in WA that is filled with a great variety of different walks on offer. The most famous walk is most certainly the beloved Law Walk. This 2.5km loop offers up enchanting views of the Swan River and Perth city while also offering up plenty of educational insight into the history and biodiversity of the area.


Lake Joondalup

Lake Joondalup is a rather solid 16km walking and biking path situated in the Yellagonga Regional Park. There is plenty of wildlife here including long-neck turtles, kangaroos, and even snakes. The wildlife here is absolutely beautiful, but make sure you are respectful of their personal space as they are still wild animals.

There are plenty of gorgeous picnic spots here that offer insane lake views which makes it the perfect walking destination. Make a morning or afternoon of it for the best experience.

Bold Park

Bold Park is often left off of the walking trail lists as it isn’t a very well-known destination. It is a massive area of inner-city bushland with over 15km worth of stunning walking trails. You will also be able to find a huge variety of different lookouts with views that span across both the city and coast.

If you’re heading to the beach, you should certainly consider dropping by here to check out the abundance of native plants and wildlife. It is very much worth the quick stopover.

Swan River Loop

This well-known trail is around 10km long, and it isn’t hard to see why it is one of Perth’s most popular trails. Better yet, this trail is always offering up cool new experiences with the stunning landmarks nearby such as Optus Stadium and Elizabeth Quay. Heirisson Island is also nearby and is very much worth exploring.

Make sure you take a moment to stop and take in the stunning view of Perth city. From this walking trail, you get an insane view over Perth.

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Maylands Scenic Walk

Garangup Park/Masson Mews/Minim Cove Park

On the opposite side of the river, you will find a long, winding path that runs from Gilbert Fraser Reserve in North Fremantle. It then ventures along the river to Chidley Reserve in Mosman Park. You can even continue on from here if it tickles your fancy.

Your best bet is to find a car park at Garungup Park in Minim Cove. From there, you can head either south or north along the path. Keep your eyes peeled as you walk as there are plenty of little beaches and secret coves to check out.

You will also enjoy the stunning views across the Swan River. Make the most of these views by bringing a little picnic and stopping along the way to bask in the view.

Melville Water Riverpark Trail

This walk is a little long, so make sure you’re prepared. The Melville Water Riverpark Trail stretches all the way from the Fremantle Traffic Bridge and ends at Canning Bridge which makes it a whopping 16km long. However, you can easily divide it up into sections if you don’t want to walk the entire distance.

Along the way, you can familiarise yourself with the interpretation facilities at Point Walter, Bicton Baths, and Heathcote in order to learn about the historical, ecological, and Noongar culture and heritage values of the Riverpark.

West Coast Highway

If you’re someone who absolutely adores the beach, you most certainly can’t go past this wonderful walk that runs from the Hillarys Boat Harbour, across the northern beaches, Trigg, Scarborough, and City Beach. This trail can also go further south to Swanbourne and Cott if you think you can handle a longer walk.

There are plenty of cafes and other places to stop along the way if you need to sit, rest, and recover while walking. The West Coast Highway walk is as good as it gets for the metro coast.

Watermans Bay Coastal Walk

Scarborough-Trigg Heritage Trail

If you’re searching for a seemingly mystical blend of the bush and the beach the Scarborough-Trigg Heritage Trail is a must-visit. This walking trail combines three different loops that spread over roughly 7.5km.

You can read up on the natural and human history with the help of the signposts along the way.


Herdsman Lake Loop

Perth’s northern suburbs have plenty of wetland areas that are perfect for walking. Herdsman Lake is truly one of the best in the area. If you’re an avid bird spotter, there is plenty of birds in this area for you to check out.

However, while in the area, just make sure you keep an eye out for snakes as they are common in the area. This awesome 8km long trail has plenty of picnic areas, boardwalk sections, and the Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre if you want to learn some things while you’re there.


Canning River Regional Park

Only a short 20-minute drive from Perth, you can find the Canning River Regional Park which is a thriving and rich wetland ecosystem. It is situated directly in the centre of the Shelley and Nicholson Road Bridges. There is plenty of fauna and flora in the area and the trail is very wheelchair friendly.

This 4km loop also has several other loops that splinter off of it. If canoeing is your thing, you can bring your canoe along and enjoy the water.


Eagle View Walk Trail

Located directly on the edge of the Perth Hills, this trail offers some absolutely insane views of the Swan Coastal Plain. This massive 15km walk trail is situated in the stunning John Forrest National Park. While you’re enjoying your walk alongside Jane Brook, take a moment to bask in the glory of the rapids and waterfalls in the area. The climb up towards the views of the Perth CBD can be pretty intense, so it is recommended that you be rather fit if you plan to go on this walk.

After you’ve enjoyed the views for a while, you can return via the lovely Wandoo and Jarrah forest which will be full of gorgeous wildflowers in the winter and spring months. After you’ve finished, relax and unwind with a hearty meal and beverage at the tavern. You will be amongst kangaroos and wildlife during the entire walk along this Perth hiking trail.

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Wadjemup Bidi

The Wadjemup Bidi is an excellent trail network located on Rottnest Island. In fact, it is one of the most highly recommended ways to check out the island! You can choose from several trails on offer cover all of the most amazing bits of the island that you can only find on foot.

You can pick and choose which ones you want to walk on without having to worry about how to get back as they are all accessible along the bus stops on the island. Make sure you take your swimwear, flippers, and snorkel to enjoy the fantastic snorkelling spots you will find.

You can also lay down your towel and relax in the sun in a secluded area of the beach.

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Rottnest Island

Kitty’s Gorge Walk Trail

Kitty’s Gorge is a quiet hidden little bush trail in the hills near Jarrahdale. This walk trail is an absolute pleasure to walk then the waters of the Serpentine River and Gooralong Brook are flowing. On this trail, you will wind through granite gorges that have been carved into the landscape throughout millions of years, lush forests, and stunning wildflowers lining the trail during both the winter and spring months.

You can also find the turnaround point at Serpentine Falls which is like a tiny piece of the Pilbara. It is a super popular area during the warmer months due to the natural swimming spots and BBQ facilities. Consider parking a car at either end to enjoy the experience even more.

Just make sure you keep an eye out for snakes as they often inhabit the water and surrounding areas. It is said to be one of the best hikes in Perth and people love that it is nice and close to the city.


Mount Cooke – Bibbulmun Track

Pretty much everyone has heard of the Bibbulmun Track. However, if you’re looking to explore it without having to commit to days upon days of hiking, this is the best place to do it. It is still a day hike, but it allows you to explore the highest point in the Darling Range that is yet to be taken over by bauxite mining.

You begin this day hike at Sullivan Rock which is situated just off Albany Highway. From there, you can enjoy some easy hiking along a flat section of enchanting Jarrah forest before you reach the Mt Cooke Campsite. Once you have a rest, continue the climb up to the ridge of Mount Cooke.

From there, you can enjoy a miraculous view of the large granite boulders and expansive forests. When the wildflowers are out, this view is only further amplified. If you keep walking, you can find a not-so-secret cave. If you find it, make sure you sign the book.

You can also opt for the shorter loop that takes in the summit if you park near the Cooke Plantation and take the trail next to the brook instead. You can enjoy the best wildflowers at this destination.


Echidna Trail

The 11km Echidna trail allows you to explore the gorgeous banks of the Avon River in the Swan River. It also takes you up into the hills that overlook the entire valley. Just beware, this trail is a pretty big workout.

You get started along the river and visit Syd’s rapids to see and photograph the foamy water at the famous Avon Descent. From there, you can climb some decent hills that will point you towards the highest point of the park with views that spread across the river valley and Swan Coastal Plain.

Just remember, this area was essentially destroyed in 2020 by the Wooroloo Fires, but it is still recovering well and will continue to do so.


Whistlepipe Gully

People absolutely love the Whistlepipe Gully hikes as it is the most popular dog-friendly hike in Perth. It has been a crowd favourite for a long time now due to the colourful wildflowers, flowing water, and easy access. The start of the trail begins at the end of Lewis Road at the base of the Perth Hills in Kalamunda.

From there, you make your way up to the rapids that are situated along the trail. From winter to spring, the wildflower displays here are absolutely insane. As you get higher, you will bask in the stunning views of the Perth CBD. It is a great way to exercise your canine companion while also getting out and about amongst nature.

On a spring day, this hike is almost like something out of a Disney movie. Not only is it one of the best beginner-friendly trails, but it is also dog friendly which makes it a pleasant walk.


Lesmurdie Falls

There are plenty of walking trails around Lesmurdie Falls that are suitable for a range of people no matter your experience. Based in a gorgeous area, you can make the most of your time by stopping for a picnic or enjoying a break to recoup on the walk. You can enjoy be a view over the top of the falls and it may even be the best part of the hike.

Lesmurdie Falls

Fred Jacoby Park 

If you’re looking for a short yet stunning stroll, Fred Jacoby Park in Mundaring provides exactly this! Better yet, if you visit during the Autumn months, you will notice that this place truly comes alive. There are plenty of gorgeous tree varieties to spot and take pictures of if you love photographing nature.

Even those who aren’t particularly fond of nature love this location. On your walk, you’ll also spot the Goldfields pipeline running along the trees nearby. There really is so much to see on this walk. While you’re walking, you will notice a grand oak tree surrounded by a nice wooden deck.

Fun fact, this tree is one of the biggest oak trees in Western Australia! Planted in 1870, this tree is over 140 years old! This walk is only short, but you will experience a whole lot of history. Finish the walk off with a picnic under a shady tree to get the most out of this experience.

Fred Jacoby Park Mundaring

Ellis Brook Valley Reserve

Ellis Brook Valley Reserve in Martin is a walk you’ll definitely want to make a whole day trip out of. Get back to nature and surround yourself with some of the nicest flora and fauna in Western Australia. This awesome spot is actually recognised as the richest wildflower location in the Perth Metropolitan Area.

In fact, it is home to over 500 species of wildflowers and even a 60-foot waterfall, aptly named Sixty Foot Falls. Better yet, it is only a 35-minute drive from the heart of Perth! This means that you can enjoy an otherworldly adventure without even having to set foot on a plane!

Seriously, is there anything better than that?! There are four different walk trails that vary in difficulty. One of the trails is also fully pram and wheelchair accessible to ensure that everyone can experience this beautiful piece of the world.

Important note: Before beginning your walk here, please make sure that you clean off your shoes at the station. This is crucial when it comes to preventing the spread of dieback disease.

Ellis Brook Valley Reserve, Martin

Other Walking Trails in Perth

Walyunga National Park

Ghost House Walk, Yanchep

Lake Monger Reserve

Jackadder Lake, Woodlands

If you’re looking to head out for a walk, you have to check out these hiking trails in Perth. The top trails listed above mix beginner-friendly walks with challenging trails so that there is something for everyone.

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