Hearing Loss & Enhancing Speech Understanding in Noisy Environments: The PocketAid Advantage

Direct to Consumer Hearing Aid Provider PocketAid Answer Common Questions about How to Overcome the Challenge of Hearing Speech in Noise when you have Hearing Loss.


Why is hearing speech in noisy environments a common challenge for individuals with hearing loss?

Hearing speech in noisy environments is challenging for individuals with hearing loss primarily due to the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). The SNR is the relationship between the level of the speech signal (the “signal”) and the level of background noise (the “noise”). In noisy settings, the background noise competes with the speech signal, making it difficult for the listener to focus on and understand the speech.

While traditional hearing aids often prescribe a fixed approach to addressing speech in noise, we found that many customers are unique in their preferences for amplification in various listening settings. This is why PocketAid hearing aids combine the option to utilise a fixed noise program, with additional easy access to onboard controls to adjust the volume, allowing users to adjust sound settings in noise in real time based on what they are experiencing.


When building hearing aids, what problems did PocketAid look to overcome when considering hearing aid usage in noisy settings?

PocketAid aimed to overcome several key problems commonly reported by hearing aid wearers in noisy settings. Hearing aid wearers often report that they can hear the people two tables away, but then struggled to understand conversations happening directly in front of them. This issue often stemmed from traditional hearing aids amplifying all surrounding sounds equally, rather than focusing on the primary speaker. PocketAid hearing aids all operate utilising an advanced compression system, which essentially means that the hearing aids are designed to amplify soft and moderate volume sounds, while keeping louder sounds at bay. This results in a more comfortable and more natural experience of sound for the user.

Additionally, the Jaspa 3 behind-the-ear models come with a dedicated noise program, utilising advanced noise reduction algorithms to minimise background noise and emphasise speech. Users can activate this program via the onboard controls, ensuring optimal hearing performance in challenging settings. These innovations have greatly enhanced the user experience, enabling wearers to adapt quickly and enjoy clearer conversations.


Can you tell us about acclimatising to hearing aids, and why this is part of the process towards hearing speech in noise better?

Acclimatising to hearing aids is an essential process that allows users to get accustomed to the new auditory inputs provided by the devices. When you first start using hearing aids, it’s important to gradually introduce them into your daily routine. Begin by wearing them for a few hours each day in quiet, familiar environments. This helps your brain adapt to the new sounds without becoming overwhelmed. Over time, increase the duration and use them in more challenging environments.

Regular use is crucial because it trains your brain to recognise and process sounds more effectively, which significantly enhances your overall hearing experience.

One of the biggest benefits of this acclimatisation process is an improved ability to hear speech in noisy environments. Advanced hearing aids, like our PocketAid models also come with technologies that help reduce background noise and enhance speech clarity, making conversations much easier to follow in settings like restaurants, group gatherings and other social settings.

How are PocketAid hearing aids a good alternative to traditional hearing aids in Australia?

In Australia, people often wait 10 years before doing something about their hearing. We believe that cost and commitment to the process are major factors in the reason Australian’s delay doing something. People don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on hearing aids when they don’t think they have a major problem, and we agree.

With PocketAid, our innovative technology eliminates the need for a hearing test, appointments, or prescriptions, making it incredibly easy to get started. With PocketAid, you will pay just a few hundred dollars per device, not a few thousand.

You can order our hearing aids online or over the phone today, from anywhere in Australia, and be up and running with your new hearing aids tomorrow. We provide free shipping Australia wide with all orders. We know our customers love the results from our hearing aids, which is why we include a 30-day money back guarantee on all orders.

To purchase hearing aids online with PocketAid, simply go to their website or call 1300 903 355.




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