Things to Do in Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay is a beloved and popular spot based just over two hours north of Perth. It is also known for being the starting point of Western Australia’s Coral Coast region. This region specifically houses stunning beaches, blue waters, and active marine life.

It is the perfect spot to enjoy a weekend getaway from Perth. Otherwise, it is a great place to stop when you’re going up or down the coast. From the happy and friendly sea lions and national parks full of wildflowers to popular tourist attractions, there are so many things to do and enjoy in Jurien Bay and the surrounding towns of Green Head, Cervantes, and Lancelin.

The beaches and scenery at this beautiful place are just incredible. These are just a few of the reasons that you need to add Jurien Bay to your bucket list. Get ready to explore and enjoy everything that this beautiful part of Western Australia has to offer on your next getaway.

Discover exciting attractions and what you can do in Jurien Bay for families, couples, or single adventurers. There is something for everyone when you visit this coastal gem on the Aussie coast. The lovely scenery is just the beginning!

Keep reading to find out more about our ultimate list of things to do in Jurien Bay!

Jurien Bay


Visiting Jurien Bay, Western Australia


Where Is Jurien Bay?

Jurien Bay is located roughly 2.5 hours North of Perth along Indian Ocean Drive. It is situated around 2 hours south of Geraldton and 20 minutes north of Cervantes. Jurien Bay is on the Turquoise Coast and is in the Shire of Dandaragan.



Jurien Bay Weather

When you visit Jurien Bay, it is important to know about the weather patterns so that you can choose the ideal time for your visit. Winter in Jurien Bay is quite wet and cold while summer is much drier and very warm. It is fairly windy all year round, but the wind is worse in summer.

Summer: In summer, average highs are around 30°C with lows of 17°C. Summer has the lowest amount of rainfall. The water temps at this time of year are very warm but hit their peak warmth in February. January is said to be the windiest month in Jurien Bay with an average wind speed of around 24 kmph.

Autumn: In Jurien Bay, may is the calmest month of the year with an average wind speed of  roughly 19 kmph. The max temperature at this time is 30°C in March to 23°C in May. Keep in mind, rainfall increases during autumn.

Winter: July is the wettest month of all in Jurien Bay, but most of the month has no rainfall. This is also the coldest time of the year to visit Jurien Bay with high averages of 19°C and lows of 9°C.

Spring: September has the lowest temperatures at roughly 19°C. Around this time of year, rain begins to decrease, and the days become much warmer.



When Is the Best Time to Visit Jurien Bay?

When it comes to visiting Jurien Bay, it is really important to know that there is no such thing as a bad time to go. Usually, the weather is fairly mild throughout the year with only a few exceptions. If you’re looking to go in the warmer months, December to February is the best time to go.

During this time, the weather averages between 28 to 31 degrees Celsius. Winters usually range from 19 to 21 degrees Celsius which makes it a little too cold for many water sports. However, it is good for other activities offered in the area.



Where to Stay in Jurien Bay

If you are looking for accommodation in Jurien Bay, consider a family-friendly accommodation option such as Jurien Bay Tourist Park. It is conveniently located right next to the beach and Dobbyn Park Foreshore. There are a variety of different accommodation options that range from 2-bedroom cabins to tent sites. The spa cabins are absolutely lovely and equipped with modern comforts and appliances for your comfort and convenience. You can even use the jumping pillow to keep the kids entertained.

Alternatively, you can check out the RAC Cervantes Holiday Park. Read the Seniorocity review

RAC Cervantes Holiday Park


How to Get from Perth to Jurien Bay

Depending on how quickly you want to get there and how much you want to spend, there are two ways for you to travel from Perth to Jurien Bay. Jurien Bay is only situated 226km north of Perth which makes it a 2.5-hour drive along the Indian Ocean coastline. Views along this road are absolutely stunning.

You can take a bus if you don’t want to rack up the kms on your car. The bus departs from East Perth Station and takes roughly 3 hours and 10 minutes. The bus drops you off at the Jurien Bay Caltex Roadhouse. There are four buses that run weekly, and tickets can cost as little as $18. Though, the price will depend on your concession status and the day you plan to go.

The N5 or N1 service can get you there. Find out more on the Transwa website. Now that you know all about the ins and outs, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do in Jurien Bay!



The Pinnacles

Based in Nambung National Park, The Pinnacles are just over 30 minutes from Jurien Bay in Cervantes. You can take a nice walk or slow drive around this area to enjoy the landscape of limestone pillars that are spread across the hills of the bright yellow sand. You can pull over at plenty of points during the driving look to enjoy a look at the scenery.

The walking trail also offers plenty of lookouts that provide great vantage points for you to stare in awe. Make sure you set aside a good few hours to explore the park, as it is not something you will want to rush. Both dusk and dawn provide plenty of long shadows across the yellow sand and simply stunning views.

You can also spend time spotting some of the wildlife in the desert. If you’re looking for more information, it is a good idea to check out the big visitor centre on-site with plenty of information on the area. Our only recommendation is to go early in summer to avoid the heat and flies.


Lancelin Sand Dunes

Lancelin is situated only one hour south of Jurien Bay along Indian Ocean Drive. It is quite a cute seaside town that offers a nice beach for swimming or fishing depending on your needs. In the summer months, this town’s small population becomes much bigger with tourists making their way in.

Due to this, there are plenty of accommodation options available. The inland sand dunes, however, are what put Lancelin on the map. The huge Lancelin Sand Dunes are situated only a small drive to the north of the township.

You can easily get to them from the main access point off of Beacon Road which is where you can also pick up and hire both sandboards and quad bikes for your convenience. The dunes often attract everything from dirt bikes to 4WDs. Better yet, entry is completely free.

There are designated sandboarding zones in the area where vehicles are permitted to ensure complete safety. If you’d prefer not to cruise over the dunes, there is still so much to do here. In fact, you can just enjoy some simple sightseeing!

Even 2WD cars can get right up to the dunes on a firm section of the road that leads up to a car park. The sand here is that white, you will think the slopes are covered in snow!

Lancelin Sand Dunes


Lake Thetis Thrombolites

While not everyone will be interested in these primitive blobs of bacterial rock, they are quite the sight to behold. These early life forms can be seen when you head on a drive from Jurien Bay down to Cervantes which is very much worth your while. While they aren’t as good as the stromatolite spectacular you will see in Shark Bay, the Lake Thetis thrombolites are still an interesting sight to behold.

As you head out to Thirsty Point Reserve, look for the turn-off on your right to get to the thrombolites. The area at Lake Thetis has a large car park which plenty of signage to provide you with helpful information. You will learn about the flora and fauna, geology, and the thrombolites themselves.

There is a great 1.5km boardwalk that takes you around the super saline lake. If you’re only looking to see the thrombolites, you don’t actually have to walk very far at all due to them being at the very start of the walk. If you’ve never heard of thrombolites, they are very closely related to stromatolites, but they are put together quite differently.

While a stromatolite will develop in layers, thrombolites grow in clumps. This is a must-visit spot on the Western Australian coast!

Stromatolites at Lake Thetis


Thirsty Point

Thirsty Point is a great little patch of sand based between Ronsard Bay and Hansen Bay at the end of the main road into Cervantes. At this spot, you will find an elevated boardwalk and platform that allow for panoramic views of the area. Even if the weather isn’t ideal for a swim, it is a great place to head to if you just want to have a look and spend the day at a stunning beach.


Thirsty point

Jurien Bay Marine Park

Jurien Bay sits along a stunning yet shallow lagoon and limestone reef system. The water and islands make up the amazing Jurien Bay Marine Park. You can enjoy the gorgeous clear water that is bright turquoise and shallow enough to make it family-friendly.

It is also the perfect spot for diving, snorkelling, and kayaking. Much of the zone does allow for fishing, but you need to be aware of any protected areas in which you’re unable to go fishing at this great fishing spot. This great park extends from Wedge Island right to Green Head in the south. All throughout the park, you will find stunning beaches and clean white sands.

There are plenty of different islands dotted throughout the park where you can go fishing or snorkelling.



Jurien Bay Foreshore

Jurien Bay Foreshore is a perfect spot to enjoy a nice walk with your family while lapping up gorgeous sea views and so much more. You can enjoy sweeping Jurien Bay jetty views as you take in the gorgeous white sands and turquoise waters. It is also the ideal spot to enjoy going kayaking, fishing, or swimming.

There are some pretty great amenities at this spot too.

Jurien bay jetty


The Turquoise Way Trail

This trail stretches for just over 14km. It is a nice, sealed track that runs between Jurien Bay Harbour and Hill River Mouth. You can walk, skate, run, or cycle this path, as it really doesn’t matter how you get from one end to the other. You will love the views that spread out across the waters and beaches of the Jurien Bay Marine Park.

There are some key access points along the trail, as well as BBQ and picnic facilities. The Turquoise Way Trail is a must-visit.



Swim with the Sea Lions

One of the biggest highlights for people visiting Jurien Bay is going on a cruise to Essex Rocks to swim with the friendly local sea lions. If you’re looking for an amazing wildlife experience where you can get up close and personal, this is the way to do it. These sea puppies are playful, curious, and so happy when you visit them.

The sea lion swims in Jurien Bay are absolutely the best. With only 10,000 to 12,000 Australian sea lions left, they are very rare. If you’re looking to meet up with these cute and playful creatures, you need to book the Sea Lion Safari with Turquoise Safaris.

Tours run daily if weather permits, and they run from 7:00 am to 9:30 am and 9:30 am to 12 pm during summer. However, in winter, they run from 7:30 am to 10:00 am in winter. You only need to bring a towel, sunscreen, and something to swim in as light refreshments and snacks are supplied.


Lesueur National Park

Only 20 minutes from Jurien Bay, Lesueur National Park is a stunning area that features plenty of low-rolling hills that are carpeted in native trees and shrubs. There are over 900 amazing plant species in this park that truly come alive in wildflower season. There are plenty of ways for you to explore this gorgeous area.

You can choose to stay in the car and do the one-way Lesueur Scenic Drive or go on one of several walks. The 18.5km drive is on a hard road that is unsealed making it unsuitable for 2WDs. There are plenty of spots for you to stop and enjoy the flowers and snap some pics of Mount Lesueur.

Lesueur National Park


Sandy Cape

When it comes to great views, there is no shortage of exactly that and more right here at Sandy Cape. You can take in these views for days when you stop in at this awesome spot. Based only 15 minutes from Jurien Bay, the Sandy Cape Recreation Park is an awesome campground that stretches across the entire length of the beach.

There are toilet blocks, sandboards for hire, and over 70 sites for you to take advantage of. There is also an area for day parking if you’re thinking about dropping by for a look. You can enjoy sandboarding, swimming, snorkelling, and even fishing if the weather allows for it at this awesome spot.

From the day car park, you only need to embark on a very short walk to the Sandy Cape Lookout which offers up some pretty stunning views.


Three Bays Walkway

Three Bays Walkway is a stunning spot. It hugs the coastline and starts at the gorgeous Hunters Bay. It then winds its way up to the lovely Dynamite Bay in Green Head, only to continue on to Anchorage By. From start to finish, this path is about 2.5km long.

Depending on the time of year you’re visiting, you can enjoy many great things such as carpets upon carpets of wildflowers, sea lions, osprey eagles, dolphins, seals, and even whales! As you reach each bay, you can take advantage of the lookouts which will provide you with breathtaking views of the surrounding areas.

You will find BBQ facilities, toilets, picnic facilities, and parking opportunities in excess around Dynamite Bay. The entire area is full of deep aboriginal history and has long been home to the Yued People dating back thousands of years. Make sure you keep an eye out for ancient middens between Dynamite Bay and Anchorage Bay.


Go Skydiving

This one is for all of the adrenaline junkies out there! Whether you’re a fully-fledged adrenaline junkie or someone just looking to break out of your comfort zone, skydiving is an absolute must for you when you’re visiting the Jurien Bay area. Skydive Jurien Bay offers up state-of-the-art facilities and skydive equipment, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Safety is valued here, right alongside fun and professionalism to ensure a flawless experience. You will absolutely love this action-packed experience that will get your blood pumping!



Jurien Bay Jetty

The Jurien Bay Jetty is a very popular tourist hotspot. People love to flock here to enjoy the excellent views and great architecture of the jetty itself. This jetty has a long history behind it and plenty of stories to tell. If you’re curious about the stories, consider hopping on Google or asking a local if they know the history of the jetty.



Sandpiper Tavern and Pizzeria

If you’re looking for good food in Jurien Bay, you absolutely have to know where to go. Here at Sandpiper Tavern and Pizzeria, you will enjoy sampling some of the region’s very best pizza and food. These guys use local and fresh ingredients that will have you licking your lips and maybe even the plate!

You can enjoy a great dinner with family and friends at this location.

Image credit: Sandpiper Tavern Facebook page


Family Affair Café

Based in Jurien Bay, this awesome little café serves up a pretty amazing breakfast and lunch as well as warm coffee and freshly made treats. If you find yourself visiting Jurien Bay in the summer months or in warm weather, make sure you stop by Family Affair Café to enjoy some delicious ice cream to keep you cool.



Jurien Seafoods- Fish and Chips

If you’re on the hunt for some pretty damn good fish and chips, you absolutely must check out Jurien Seafoods. These guys hands down have some of the very best fish and chips in town. They use the freshest ingredients and local produce to provide you with a meal that you will never forget.


Grab a classic fish and chips before heading on down to the beach and enjoying the lovely sunset across the water.



With this ultimate list of things to do in Jurien Bay, you will be well on your way to enjoying an absolutely fantastic holiday! Even if you can’t visit all of the places above or participate in the activities, there will be something on this list that will appeal to you!


Have you visited Jurien Bay recently? If so, tell us about your experience and where you went! We would love to hear from you and learn about your experience!



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