Sherbet Cafe and Bake Shop, Maylands

Shebert Bakehouse

We celebrated my friend’s birthday at Sherbet cafe and Bake Shop in Maylands, because if you are going to eat cake then it should be real, traditional homemade cake! The Bake Shop offers freshly baked goods that are handmade daily on site. Every morning you can check Facebook or Instagram and the featured cakes of the day will be displayed in all of their glory.

Walking into the cafe is a bit like stepping back in time. The decor is retro 1950’s style with pressed-tin ceilings and booths along one wall reminiscent of an American milkbar. The remaining tables and chairs are a collection of Formica dining settings, or, if you want to watch the world go by, window seats and a few tables and chairs outside on the pavement.

Shebert Bakehouse

When we arrived the display counter was strewn with decadent offerings, both savoury and sweet. Row upon row of colourful cupcakes, old-fashioned cakes, such as traditional layer cakes, red-velvet cake, Sicilian apple cake and carrot cake and an impressive selection of gluten-free offerings.

Shebert Bakehouse

There was quite a bit of deliberation over our choice of indulgence, as there is such a vast array of enticing titbits. Eventually, the decision was made and we ordered coffees and a custard strawberry slice and blackberry, coconut, lemon syrup cake. The coffee was served quickly and I was happy to see it was one of my favourite brands, Fiori. The cake was presented on a lovely china plate and slightly warmed to release the full flavour and accompanied by a dollop of cream, rather than the whipped cream usually served in cafes. If you can’t get by with just one slice, then you can always buy extra to indulge yourself at home. The Bake Shop even has whole cakes available for purchase, for those special celebrations.

Shebert BakehouseShebert Bakehouse

If you like the odd sweet treat, or even if you prefer something savoury, Sherbet cafe is certainly worth a visit, I’m sure you will come away happy.

Sherbet Cafe and Bake Shop

206 Whatley Road,


PH: 93718004


Hours: Closed Monday

7am-5pm Tuesday-Friday

7am-4pm Saturday & Sunday

Parking: Car parking at TransPerth station or street parking.

Toilets: Shared toilet facilities at the back of the building.

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